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Torre dei Lamberti

Historical Notes. In the middle of Piazza Erbe, on the corner towards la Costa, stands the slim Tower of the City, or Lamberti Tower. Apparently construction of the tower began in 1172. In May 1403 lightening struck the tower and knocked off its top.
Some time later, it was decided to restore and raise the tower higher.
The restoration lasted from 1448 to 1463-1464.

Architecture and Art. In the Romanesque period, the tower was modest in height, as can be seen by the construction in tuff and brick.
Two bells were placed on the tower, the smallest of which was to signal fires and the largest of which was to call a meeting of the city council and to call the citizens to arms to defend the city. The two bells have been fused several times, and still Conserve their ancient names of Marangona and Rengo.
The tower is 84 meters high; the clock was added only in 1779. It has been said that the tower “is a stem of light, that elevates its solemnity to assert the most shrill of songs to the beauty and life of a Verona gathered beneath its maternal protection.

Source: Simeoni

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