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Palazzo del Governo

Historical Notes. As early as 1311 Cangrande I della Scala resided in the new Palace of St. Maria Antica, the current palace of the Provincial Administration. The palace has a façade that faces Lord’s Square and another one that phases the Scala family archways. It appears that Cangrande hosted the poet Dante Alighieri precisely in this building, when he came for the second time to Verona from Florence. It was also in this palace that Giotto found hospitality at the Scala court when he came from Padua. During Venetian domination and beyond, the palace was the seat of important magistrate’s courts.
During the Venetian era, the offices of the podestà were located in this building. One of the podestà, Giovanni Dolfin, commissioned the magnificent portal that adorns the entrance to Lord’s Square from Michele Sammicheli, in 1533.

Architecture and Art. A fourteenth century loggia was built here by Cansignorio. Originally it was a two-storey loggia, with only two rooms with extremely high-ceilings, one above the other. Paintings were housed under the archways of the upper floors: this was the most ancient example of imperial medallions that had been attested to until that time in the Medieval period, an example that anticipates the medallions of the Carraresi, which are even today deemed the most ancient in the formula of pre-humanistic courtly taste, this kind would therefore find in Verona one of its first expressions.

Source: Notiziario BPV numero 3 anno 1987

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