Monday 17 December 2018, San Lazzaro di Betania

Museo degli Affreschi

The museum is located inside the San Francesco al Corso Convent complex, which dates from the XIII century and was refounded in 1625. In 1935 Antonio Avena, who was then Director of Civic Museums, opened to the public the so-called Tomb of Juliet or the place where the arc had been set, which according to legend held the bodies of Romeo and Juliet, making it a tourist attraction. In the annexed “G. B. Cavalcaselle” Museum of Frescoes, inaugurated in 1975, cycles of frescoes from veronese medieval buildings in the sixteenth century and nineteenth century sculptures, while the church of San Francesco hosts works on canvas of great dimensions ranging from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. The underground holds a deposit of roman amphoras dating from the I century A.D., which were found in local diggings. In the courtyard there is medieval and modern lapidary material (architectural and sculptural) that awaits preparation of a medieval lapidary.
Source: Varie

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