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Chiesa di San Fermo

Historical Notes. This is one of the most beautiful temples in Verona. The first traces of this church go back to the VIII century. The Benedictine restructuring that took place in the XI century was particularly important. It apparently started in 1070: the Benedictines built the upper and lower church and began construction of the bell tower, which was finished much later, towards the beginning of the XIII century.

Architecture and Art. The façade is adorned with two loggias with several theories of arches, a beautiful three-mullioned window, an imposing XIV century Romanesque portal and a burial court dating from 1300, which contains the remains of Aventino Fracastoro, the della Scala family doctor. The smaller door is surmounted by a sail-like portico, which protects the stairway and portal. The apses are interesting, being decorated with cusps and pinnacles, with the movement of the high, slim windows and the beautiful 15th century loggia, erected on the south side. The bell tower is quite picturesque, with its lines of tuff and brick and the elegant three-mullioned windows with rounded arches. The bronze portal, realised by the sculptor Minguzzi, is worthy of note. The interior of the Church has a single nave with a five apse crossed vault. The Chapels are disposed as follows: on the right, the first Chapel is the Nichesola Chapel, adorned with marble statues. Behind the pulpit is the admirable Brenzoni Chapel, built in 1495. It is adorned with a beautiful altar, several tombs, statues, plaques and ionic columns. The Della Torre altar lies beyond the door that leads to the sacristy. It dates to the XVIII century and is in baroque style and is decorated with an altarpiece by Bellotti that portrays Saint Francis. In the right wing of the cross, at the back, is the Alighieri Chapel (1541). Pietro di Dante and several other descendants are buried here. In the successive Chapel, which goes by the name of the Chapel of the Agonizzanti, there is a Crucifixion by Brusasorzi. The presbytery is adorned with a splendid altar by Schiavi, upon which the relics of Saints Fermo and Rustico are conserved. Immediately to the right is the gracious Chapel of Saint Anthony. Following a Chapel which is now called the Chapel of the Madonna, there is the beautiful Della Torre Mausoleum, a Renaissance work.

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