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Duomo di Verona

Historical Notes. The successive early Christian, high medieval, Romanesque and Gothic contributions through the course of time have made the Duomo an extremely rich architectural complex, more than just a single building: it is formed by the Cathedral, the square, the Capitulary Library, the cloister of the Canonicals, St. Elena, St. Giovanni in Fonte and the Bishopric. The history of the Verona Cathedral is the history of four Basilicas. Among the architectural innovations of the latest grandiose intervention, between the second half of the XV century and the second half of the XVI century, are the façade, the internal door, over which there is a splendid clock, the great columns, erected to raise the naves; the choir banister by Sammicheli.

Architecture and Art. Façade. The façade of the Cathedral – whose work of reconstruction began in 1120 – is a splendid composition of various materials, tuff with white and rose coloured marble, together with ceramic tiles.
It is essentially Romanesque in style, therefore it is quite simple artistically speaking, and is characterised by three vertical partitions, obtained thanks to the two columns placed alongside the entrance, and by two large lateral gothic style double lancet windows. In a central position there is a two-storey portico that protects the great entrance doorway.
The lower floor in white and rose marbles is distinguished from the upper floor in tuff especially because of the presence of base relief human figures of St. John the Evangelist and St. John the Baptist.
The final version of the façade was not completed until 1587, in the era of Cardinal Valier, whose stem can be seen at the summit of the centre.

Inside. The inside, with three naves and five bays, is the result of the gothic transformation that took place between 1444 and 1513. The height and depth of the central nave and the overall design can be seen as a unit.
A tour of the inside of the Cathedral will enable visitors to admire the frescoes and a series of chapels, decorated with splendid paintings.

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