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Casa di Romeo

Historical Notes. Montecchi House, located in via delle Arche, is not far from Juliet’s house; at one time, in order to go from one to the other, all you had to do was cross the Botanical Gardens, which were much more spacious then than now. Legend has it that this was the home of Romeo Montecchi: as he left his house, Romeo almost immediately reached reached the fateful balcony where Juliet awaited him anxiously. It is certain that the Montecchis were a powerful and rich Verona family and that they almost certainly lived in the area between le Arche and la Chiavica, where the house is now located.

Architecture and Art. Of all the more typically medieval houses, this is the most grandiose and relatively well conserved.
The imposing construction is arranged on three sides around an ample closed courtyard, towards the road, by a high embattled wall, where the entry way opens; originally the interior of the construction was supported by a spacious portico that is conserved almost intact in the front wall, while on the right it has been incorporated into the building and on the left it is covered by structures that were built on later.
To the left of the entrance there is a stairway that provides access to the upper floors, among the red twelfth century bricks, Romanesque windows alternate with gothic and renaissance ones, surmounted by several tracts of a beautiful original embattlement. Throughout the curve of the windows and portico the arches are decorated with alternating tuff and brick decorations.

Source: Vita Veronese - 2/1951

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