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Roma Guide

Rome is unique in the world for the beauty of its monuments and masterpieces of art. Visit Rome and become fascinated with its light, its colors, the views: a set embellished with extraordinary luxuriance of its vegetation. Indeed, it is impressive to see how the vestiges of ancient Rome, the evidence of the origins of Christianity, the highest expressions of Renaissance and Baroque mix on every corner with the lively folk of the alleys, where there are curious craft shops, restaurants of the district, old stores, or with the refined elegance of the downtown streets crowded with windows of luxury hotels and high-level local.

Capital of Italy, already 2000 years ago Rome was at the helm of a world empire and was considered the '"navel" of the entire Mediterranean region. Rome still sees himself reliving many souls, heirs of the old empire, which in their generality create the uniqueness of the "Eternal City". Who visit  Rome can see how it co-exist and overlap the Rome of the Vatican, Rome and the Christian leadership of the ministries and the political capital of the Rome International and foreign embassies, the Rome Film and RAI. A city is always open so forcefully neurotic and multifaceted, elusive and exciting at the same time.

Rome needs no introduction, is a city, but also a symbol and a dream. Rome can't be simply described, because it has everything, was everything and is everything: the cradle of civilization and a universal language, the homeland of the right, the center of power, the center of Christianity, the center of the world. All roads lead to Rome, is not a slogan. Rome is not only a historic city, Rome is the history, Rome is not only a powerful city, Rome is the power. Visiting Rome it feels, walking the streets and squares, palaces and churches discovering, visiting museums and libraries. 

Rome was hated and loved, feared and admired, but his universum - its true charm - it was understood by few. Perhaps only poets who have sung in villages and inns, among the simple people of the neighborhoods and frank, and irreverent, or the anonymous Pasquino era skull cap. 

The historic center of Rome, the Holy See extraterritorial properties in the City and the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls has been declared - UNESCO - World Heritage Site because: "It is a masterpiece of human creative genius. Show an important exchange of human values, at one time or within a cultural area of the world, developments in technology and architecture, monumental art, urban planning or landscape. It 'an outstanding example of a type of building or architectural or technology or landscape which is witness to important milestones in human history. And 'directly or tangibly associated with events or living traditions, with ideas, beliefs, with artistic and literary works of outstanding universal value ". You must visit Rome at least once in your lifetime.
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